Fitting a new or replacement boot seal to your Chrysler Valiant

If you have a Charger or a sedan the only real difference in the boot seal is the corners of the seal are mitred for a Charger, and on a sedan its just one continuous piece of extrusion.

If you don't like reading, watch our quick video tutorial:

Prepping your car for the seal replacement

If you are fitting the boot seal to a freshly painted car or replacing an old boot seal you will need to prep the area and clean it, preferably using a wax and grease remover or prep sol product. Make sure you do a test area before applying any products to fresh paint to see if there is a reaction, the last thing you want is damage to your paint job. Once you have clarified your product is safe to use with your paint, go ahead and prep the area where the boot seal is going to go.

Before you install the seal grab yourself the following items

  • Polyurethane
  • Sikaflex - we prefer this over a contact adhesive
  • Gloves
  • A handful of clothes pegs
  • A food grade silicone spray - this will not effect your paint job, please always do a test patch first.

Installation of the boot seal to your car

Boot Seal for Chrysler Valiant Charger Applying a bead of glue along the seal line. Installing Boot Seal- PlumKrazy Garage - Valiant Charger
  1. Apply a liberal bead of the polyurethane or Sikaflex, whichever you choose to use along the channel where the boot seal will lay.
  2. Lay the boot seal along the channel, making sure the extrusion is on the right side.
  3. Grab those clothes pegs and peg along the inside holding the seal in place for 24 hours while the polyurethane dries.
  4. Remove the clothes pegs and apply some silicone spray to the seal if you wish, this will soften up your boot rubber, and your boot is now ready to go.

At PlumKrazy Garage we supply all boot seals for all makes and models of Valliant's. If you need a seal, check out our seals & rubber products.

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