Replacing your sway bar bushes on your Chrysler Valiant

Valiant sway bars come in 2 different sizes, 22mm for 6 cylinder cars and 24mm for your V8's. Don't be fooled by thinking you have one or the other, its always best to measure before purchasing your bushes. We all know "Size does matter".

Removing the sway bar

To remove the sway bar, undo the two bolts in the front of your "K" frame, undo the rear sway bar link and remove the whole unit onto your work bench.

When you want to replace the bushes, cut a slot in the top of the bush to open the bush up, grab a grinder and grind the weld off on the back side, spread the bush open and place it on.

If you happen to have snapped your links when you were pulling the sway bar off, we have a solution for you - we have brand new zinc-plated Sway Bar Links available with heavy duty rubbers ready repair your sway bar.

At PlumKrazy Garage we supply all suspension parts for all makes and models of Valiants.

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