AP6 Chrysler Valiant - March 1965-February 1966.

Check out this old girl, we were lucky enough to have this lady cruise into the warehouse this week. She was in need of a few bits and pieces to keep her looking forever young. 

We were blown away at how the owner has managed to keep the car in such great condition, it is a real credit to him and Chrysler Australia. They just don't make cars like this anymore. 

Check out the comparison of the old brochure and the current pics. Pretty cool. 

The AP6 Valiant was notable for a number of technical features introduced by Chrysler, one of the most exciting features was the V8 launched later in the year. Models fitted with the V8 engines were distinguished by the special roofs and emblems. 

Chrysler Australia had a hard time keeping up with demand. All models were built in the Tonsley Park site at a maximum rate of 200 cars per 8 hour shift, even that was not enough to satisfy the Australian demand at that time.