Before we get into depth about which parts are available for your Valiant and the best way to get hold of the right part for your car, let's get Chrysler Valiant car production ratios into perspective, in comparison with other makes and models of cars in that era.

For example

In the VH Valiant series between 1971 - 1973, Chrysler Australia produced a total of 67,800 VH models. This included every sub-model for that range; Chargers, Sedans, Utes etc. 

In comparison, between 1970 –1972, Ford produced the XY Falcon Series with a total number of 118,666 - almost double Chrysler Australia's production line. This included their sub-models of utility vehicles, sedans and sports models like the GT's. 

Holden also exceeded Chrysler Australia's production line numbers with a total of 485,650 vehicles between 1971-1974 in the HQ range, including sub-models of sedans, wagons, vans and sports models such as the Monaro. 

If we take into consideration the number of vehicles that unfortunately did not survive the last 50 years and may have been laid to rest in one way or another, we can only assume that what is left in a restorable condition would be around 25% of the original production line numbers. In theory this would mean that out of 70,000 odd vehicles only 17,000 could be accounted for today. 

The takeaway

This makes your valiant rarer and more desirable than other makes for the Australian and New Zealand classic car enthusiasts and attributes to the parts that are being reproduced for the Chrysler Valiant today. 

Valiant at car show with bonnet open

Are there reproduction parts available for my valiant?  

Yes! However, there will be some parts that will never be reproduced. It all comes down to supply and demand. Some parts such as a 'faux spare-wheel holder incorporated boot lid' for a rarer model like the R series, which they only proceed 1,000 odd models back in the day, will never be reproduced as the cost of producing such a part is just not economically viable. 

There is however a huge selection of parts available for most models and at PlumKrazy Garage we are always working on new parts to add to our ever-increasing range.  

New reproduction parts vs second-hand parts

Most of our new reproduction parts are very affordable, and in most cases, it is more economical to fit a new reproduction part to your car rather than source a second-hand part (and then find it breaks when you're installing it or trying to refurbish it for installation.)  

A lot of our reproduction parts are improvements on the originals, such as our starter motors; we can supply a high-torque mini starter. It is smaller in stature but don't be fooled by its size - it starts the motor with more power as opposed to the old outdated Bosch units which have been made obsolete by Bosch.

As with all restoration parts you may need to modify or retrofit parts depending on your application. So many of these cars have had modifications to them that we can never guarantee a perfect fit. Lets not forget that at one stage they were producing these cars at a phenomenal rate for the era, some 200 cars in just one 7 hour shift. These cars were never perfect when they left the factory, in fact a lot of the restored vehicles are better than they were now than when they left the factory. 

Collage of three photos of cars being restored

Need advice on which valiant parts or how to find the valiant part you're looking for? 

All new production parts are listed on our online store. If you can't find what you're after, give us a call and our team will be more than happy to give you a hand. When looking for specific part numbers, a parts book is your best friend. Generally, your local library may have these books, online versions are downloadable or you can give us a call as we keep a number of these on hands for our records and can give you the information you're chasing.